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Thread: Kotobukiya Jehuty

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    Kotobukiya Jehuty

    Hi guys finally back from my long hiatus and I can feel my passion for plamo burning strong again!! Since last years Smash I haven't had any enthusiasm or desire to continue the hobby which resulted in a few gunpla left unfinished and packed away but I have a feeling that might turn right around!

    So here we go, first kit of 2012 is one of my most favorite and eagerly anticipated design (even more so than the MG Deathscythe Hell Custom which I've pined for since the OVA first came out) - the Orbital Frame Jehuty

    Cockpit jokes aside, I can't express how happy I was when they announced the kit thinking that the design was too niche and under appreciated and the same can be said about the games.

    In my eagerness I failed to take some wip pics and I'm still fawning over its current pose you guys will have to make do with the same shot from different angles for now

    What can I say? First off, the quality of plastic used by Kotobukiya has definitely improved vastly and comparable to Bandai now. The lines are extremely sharp and they have taken the extra effort to hide the panel lines with only a few which even Bandai can't avoid but since this is Kotobukiya it wouldn't be surprising if the quality drops a bit after the first few batches as seen in their HMM lines.

    Height wise its about the same as the MG wing line with very good articulation using some pretty smart joints and everything is in the correct color for those who don't plan to paint and there is no sticker or decals included (or needed XD).

    It's simple and fun enough to build I wouldn't mind making a few more unlike the tediousness of the newer MGs and speaking of which the Vic Viper and another Jehuty based on the 2.0 is in the works so you can guess were my money is going.

    Will definitely give it a good paint job later on and more pics!

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    Sad to hear that you lost some enthusiasm in this hobby....... Well anyway, this build looks interesting! Very different from gunpla but I still somewhat like the design. Will be looking forward to a custom paint job.

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    Great looking kit - can't wait to see it painted! (or at least panel lined i'm really liking the wings and spinal armour plating - cool pose too!

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